Escape Room Devil In Chicago (Rehovot)

Dr. H.H Holmes was one of the greatest serial killers in the US history.
In 1887, he built a hotel which was basically a torture maze, in which more than 200 victims were murdered. He was captured and executed in may 1896, at the age of 35 without expressing any remorse for his actions.
90 years later, in the early 1980s, people began to disappear again in the notorious area of the hotel, and there is a fear that Dr. Henry Howard Holmes has been crowned successor.
A private detective who was recently sent to the hotel to investigate the various cases also disappeared without a trace. Your goal is to impersonate tourists, enter the hotel and search for any piece of information about the disappeared investigator. You will have only 60 minutes to find incriminating evidence about the hotel owner and of course, to get out alive.
Are you sure that interrogations from thriller movies have taught you everything about serial killers? We'll see you escape the Chicago Devil's Torture Hotel!

Oppenheimer 10, Rehovot 072-3994801
1 room
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- This specific escape game exists in Escape Room Rehovot location only
- A group of 2-8 people will be able to play together in the same room
- The difficulty level is hard and suitable for minimum 3 people
- The game can be performed in English and Hebrew



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Two sides have an option to cancel the game any moment due to circumstances beyond our control


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Price for 3 - 8 people in one room:

3 people = 125 per person

4 people = 120 per person

5 people = 115 per person

6 people = 110 per person

7 people = 105 per person

8 people = 100 per person

Free entrance
for children under 6 years

for regular duty IDF soldier


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