Escape Room Jerusalem

World's hottest attraction with unique Israeli accent! Search for clues, solve puzzles, unveil the mystery and get out in time. Book now #1 rated Room Escape Game in Jerusalem and prepare for an amazing and unforgettable experience for all of your friends and family!

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Escape Room Jerusalem

World's hottest attraction with unique Israeli accent! Search for clues, solve puzzles, unveil the mystery and get out in time. Book now #1 rated Room Escape Game in Jerusalem and prepare for an amazing and unforgettable experience for all of your friends and family!


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Jump down the rabbit hole into a magical, bizarre and fascinating world of puzzles and mystery! You have 60 minutes to escape! Good luck.

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About Escape Room Jerusalem

 Escape rooms have become the hottest trend in entertainment and today, there is no one who hasn't heard of them. "Escape room" has become a phrase spoken by people who are looking to experience a real adventure that simulates various situation which require solving puzzles and cooperation for a sole purpose - breaking free.

If you are looking for an unconventional pastime, Escape Room Jerusalem can fulfill your wildest fantasies. Within the Old City, you can find one of the oldest escape rooms, but still, it is one of the finest rooms on the market – The Robbery of The Century. This is a luxurious, high-quality complex at the heart of Jerusalem, which offers a crazy experience for you and your friends.

For those who still don't know – What is an escape room?


An Escape Room is a real-life social game based on the known computer game "Escape Room Game". During the game, participants enter a room designed and equipped in accordance with their choice, describing a specific story. Participants must correctly solve the puzzles in order to move on to the next clue and eventually find their way to the solution, one step at a time. Since there is a limited time at their disposal, they have to think quickly, collaborate with other participants and make the most of the capabilities of each participant. In practice, The Robbery of The Century is a complex which helps you simulate being an accomplice to a big robbery, one of the biggest robberies the world has ever known. There are two identical escape room, one: Escape Room Jerusalem, and the other: Escape Room Tel Aviv.

The story behind the escape room


Image the following scenario: You, along with your gang, are about to break into the apartment of a mad scientist to carry out the robbery of the century – to steal a considerable amount of money which he has received from the government for his professional work. But no one promised that it would be a simple task, since the scientist rarely leaves his apartment and does not leave the residence area for longer than 5 minutes. So how would you carry out the robbery? Fortunately, you have a 60-minute breach to get into action in order to get through the task and leave the scientist's apartment with your freedom and his money. Ready to try your luck?

The Robbery of The Century – Escape Room Jerusalem


If you want to carry out the robbery of the century and get a taste, if only for one hour, of the lives of professional robbers, then this is the escape room for you. When it comes to an escape room located in Jerusalem, which is a city shrouded in mystery, it can only enhance the experience and make you believe that you are in a real-life situation. The Robbery of The Century is a luxurious branch with a unique atmosphere. The escape room is of high-quality with original puzzles which will truly challenge you throughout your stay. Although we believe in your capabilities, we recommend that you don't do it alone: To make the most of your stay, the game is designed for two to five players, with the option to play as a group of six when requested in advance. Choose your partners carefully.

The Robbery of The Century experience – Who is it for?


The escape room is suitable for people of all sectors, adapted for all languages and provides a solution for ages 13 to 120. The complex is meticulously decorated and offers its services to private clients, tourists and business customers including tour companies, educational institutions, government offices, social events and so on. In addition, since the Escape Room company has many escape rooms nationwide, including several identical escape rooms, it is possible to combine different branches to perform competitions between several groups. This gives you the option to conduct multi-player events without any issues, both at the Escape Room Jerusalem branch and its parallel branch.

A challenging and empowering experience for everyone


Escape rooms have gotten very popular worldwide and many people are utilizing them. This is a thinking game that requires a high level of concentration and combines puzzles and riddles from various fields. This reality game has taken the world by storm and is now also available for you in Israel, in major cities across the country, including Jerusalem.

We invite you to try your luck at the Escape Room Jerusalem branch, which simulate the robbery of the century. We promise to challenge you during your entire stay and help you get the most of the game. For more information or to book the room, you are welcome to contact us now and be part of an experience like no other!

Corporate clients choosing Escape Room


Escape Room Jerusalem is a perfect is a choice for the next team-building event of your company

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