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Escape Room Petah Tikva

Are you ready for the best attraction in Petah Tikva? Escape Room Israel is here! The largest escape rooms company in Israel comes to Petah Tikva! Book now and get ready to the most challenging room escape game in the Middle East.

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Escape Room Petah Tikva

Are you ready for the best attraction in Petah Tikva? Escape Room Israel is here! The largest escape rooms company in Israel comes to Petah Tikva! Book now and get ready to the most challenging room escape game in the Middle East.


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About Escape Room Petah Tikva

Escape Room Petach Tikva


Escape rooms have become all the rage, and now there is hardly any person who hasn't visited or dreams about visiting. The escape room pastime is ideal for various purposes, including having an unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette party which will be remembered for years to come. Meet "Escape Room" – The leading escape rooms network in Israel!

Check out the following scenario: You woke up in a luxury suite with a crazy hangover and dim memories of the previous night. "Where are you and how did you get here?" is a question that immediately comes to your mind. Unfortunately, this is a question with no solution, at least not within the next hour. You try to remember, to understand how you got here and what you did last night, but you haven't got the faintest idea where to start. You look around and see your friends starting to wake up and suddenly you remember an important piece of information: You were at a bachelor party of your best friend and the wedding is in one hour from now! But unfortunately, you are locked in a room and there's no way out. What will you do? Will you be able to figure out what happened last night and get to the wedding in time? You are certainly welcome to try…

A crazy and extremely entertaining storyline


There is no shortage of Hollywood movies in which this is the main plot. If you've always wanted to be part of a classic Hollywood scenario, entertaining and funny, then Hangover Escape Room Petach Tikva is the place for you. Whether this is your first time or if you already have some escape room experience, rest assure that this is a unique escape room, offering a unique and fun atmosphere. Compared to other escape rooms, this room is designed for the young and the young at heart who know how to make the most of different situations in life. In this scenario, all your improvisational abilities come into play, alongside highly developed thinking skills, when the goal is not only to figure out how you got there, but also break free and be on time for the wedding.

What are escape rooms?


Escape rooms are actually based on a popular video game – Room Escape Game. Taking the game beyond the screen borders into the real world started to gain traction around the world and today this social game is available for you in our many branches across Israel. Each escape room simulates a different situation and the duration of your stay is around one hour, during which you must demonstrate various skills in order to find your way out of the room. The Escape Room Petach Tikva branch simulates a situation in which you have been locked in a hotel room, together with your friends, after an exciting bachelor party when you have to break free in order to arrive on time for the approaching wedding. The room is decorated accordingly in high quality in order to turn the situation much more real and immersive.

Escape Room Petach Tikva branch – For people with a sense of humor and a youthful spirit


Escape Room is a big company with a good reputation in the field of escape rooms. The company has many branches nationwide including Escape Room Petach Tikva. This is a unique, on-of-a-kind escape room that celebrates laughter and lots of fun. The room is particularly suitable for young people and the young at heart, over the age of 16 (under 16, parental approval is required). The room is suitable for Hebrew and English speakers, and is particularly suitable for bachelor parties of up to 6 participants. This room is unique in that it contains adult content and features some dirty jokes and content.

A bachelor party like no other


When we are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, we are always looking for ways to innovate and offer refreshing entertainment, memory or experience which will stay with the participants for life. Escape Room Petach Tikva provides a solution for such a purpose by offering an hour of unique and fun pastime to experience together, and which no one will ever forget. The branch's atmosphere is considered very unique and simulates a scenario that could happen to anyone. The way to the wedding is paved with challenges and obstacles which should be solved through cooperation, while gathering every ability of every participant in favor of the process. As opposed to other bachelor and bachelorette parties, rest assure this would be the party that everyone talks about, especially after discovering what it included.

We offer you escape rooms of the highest quality. Here you will find a luxurious, quality escape room with original puzzles and challenges. For more information about Escape Room Hangover or to book the room, you are welcome to contact us now and ensure your best friends won't miss the wedding day. Good luck!

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