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Escape Room Tel Aviv

Looking for something fun to do in Tel Aviv? Escape Room (or Exit Room) is one of the hottest world trends taken over Tel Aviv! Want to do something really cool and unusual  with your friends or family? Book now #1 rated attraction in Tel Aviv!

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Escape Room: Shabak (Tel Aviv)
Isserles 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo
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Want to try something unique and innovative? We also have virtual reality (VR) escape rooms within a 10-minute drive from Tel Aviv

Have you tried virtual reality escape rooms yet? If not - it's time to have this revolutionary experience at our new complex in Holon. The sophisticated VR technology, spectacular graphics and special effects create an immersive game experience that is completely different from anything you have experienced so far in the usual escape rooms

Escape Room Tel Aviv

Looking for something fun to do in Tel Aviv? Escape Room (or Exit Room) is one of the hottest world trends taken over Tel Aviv! Want to do something really cool and unusual  with your friends or family? Book now #1 rated attraction in Tel Aviv!


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About Escape Room Tel Aviv

 The "Escape Room" company offers you the opportunity to step into the social gaming world which exceeds all imagination. So, if you are looking for an exciting experience which engages all of the senses – Escape Room is the place for you!

Tel Aviv, which is considered a city of endless possibilities, offers a wide selection of escape rooms, the new trend that conquers the world. If you'd like to try your luck, you have a large variety of escape rooms in Tel Aviv, from which you can try to escape. Ready to go? You have one hour.

Escape Room Tel Aviv is not only an entertaining experience for groups or for social events, but can also offer a very romantic time and even a place for a marriage proposal. Among the escape rooms in Tel Aviv, where you can spend an hour which can feel like an eternity while you're trying to break free, these are the ones available to you:

Titanic – Tel Aviv


We all know the terrible tragedy that occurred onboard the Titanic, which included a romantic and touching story. That is why Escape Room Tel Aviv Titanic is considered the perfect date for couple looking for a unique and fun time, or even to those wishing to propose in an unconventional way. This is a complex that is suitable for ages between 13 and 120, and is suitable for Hebrew, Russian and English speakers. Of all the escape rooms aimed at couples, this is one of the most prestigious, high-quality rooms where you'll have to escape from the engine room, and save the other passengers while you're at it. Think you can succeed? Anything is possible when you cooperate. Escape Room Titanic is also suitable for customers from the business sector and is intended for 2 to 5 players.

Cyber Quest – Tel Aviv


Cyber Quest is the next big thing in the escape room field in Israel. This is a unique and impressive escape room where the entire activity occurs virtually: All you have to do is put on your virtual reality headset and enjoy an exciting experience which engages all of the senses. Compared to other escape rooms, this is not a "classic" escape room, but rather a room equipped with unique technology, one of its kind in Israel, that lets you navigate inside a virtual space along with your friends. Within the Escape Room Tel Aviv complex, you will be able to enjoy additional escape rooms other than the Cyber Quest room, as well as the perfect solution for groups of any kind. Suitable for ages 14 and over, and for Hebrew, English and Russian speakers.

Hotel California – Tel Aviv


It's not every day that we get to be part of a hair-raising, supernatural experience. If you want to be part of one of the most exciting experiences of your life, you should reserve your place at room 138 at the Hotel California. In this escape room, you will be able to thoroughly investigate the rumors and urban legends, and either help to restore the place's good name, or alternatively, become a legend in itself. There is no doubt that the Hotel California is one of the most chilling and frightening escape rooms. It is suitable for the strong of heart and for people who live and breathe mysteries deep within their veins. Escape Room Hotel California is part of the Escape Room Tel Aviv complex, a branch near the Sarona complex and suitable for all sectors. The room is suitable for Hebrew and English speakers, ages 14 to 120.

Mossad – Tel Aviv


If you've always dreamed of joining the Mossad, then Escape Room Tel Aviv Mossad will challenge you and lead you to the edge. This is an escape room where screenings for the Mossad are performed, and as such, this is a very challenging and action-packed room. The extraordinary atmosphere is suitable for participants between the ages 13 and 120 from the private and business sector. The rooms are neatly decorated and are suitable for Hebrew speakers. This escape room is designed for groups of up to 5 participants, including a large training room and a very luxurious lobby. The complex has a training area which includes a television suitable for presentations and explanations. There is also a drinking station and a gathering area.

The Robbery of The Century – Tel Aviv


Escape Room Tel Aviv "The Robbery of The Century" is one of two identical escape rooms, the second being in Jerusalem. In this complex, you will be part of the biggest robbery the country has ever known and you will steal money from a mad scientist who received a particularly large prize which he prefers to keep in his apartment. You have only 60 minutes to gather all your abilities to pull off the robbery, and with the right partners you can get through any mission or challenge and leave the scientist's apartment with your freedom and his money. This escape room is suitable for ages 13 to 120 and is designed for the private and business sector. In addition, the complex can accommodate large groups, since there are other escape rooms close to the complex.

Every room by the "Escape Room" company are characterized by their impressive design and original puzzles. We invite you to be part of the trend that conquered the world, contact us, book a place in one of our high-quality escape rooms and try your luck today.

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