Escape Room: Spy Kids

A few minutes ago the Mossad received a message that the mission to transfer the files regarding the Iranian nuclear program about to fail. The team that was sent to execute the mission has been captured. But before they were captured they hide the files in the Mossad’s safe house in the center of Iran. Unfortunately the agents were unable to message the center the whereabouts of the documents in time. The apartment is already booby trapped and within the next hour the Iranians will take control of the hideout.
You are Israel’s last chance to reach the materials in question and bring them back. You have exactly 60 minutes to find the documents in the booby trapped apartment and get out before it’s too late.


Ha-Mefalsim St 6 ,Petah Tikva 072-399-4965
2-7 people
  • The room is specially adapted for families with teens and children over the age of 6
  • Children and teens from the age of 11 and up can play in the room without an adult escort
  • The level of difficulty is balanced and adjusted according to age of participants
  • Escape Room "Spy Kids" is suitable for Hebrew and English speakers
  • This escape room is a special version for children, teenagers, families and adult beginners. For experienced adult players we recommend to choose a Hangover Escape Game in the same location

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Please, choose the number of players first

Your reservation will be approved automatically, but you have to check you receive an email from us confirming your reservation for that specific date


Two sides have an option to cancel the game any moment due to circumstances beyond our control


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We strongly suggest that you check the accuracy of the phone number provided during the reservation. We will reach out to you 48 hours before the game to confirm. In case we fail to contact you 24 hours before the game to validate arrival, your reservation will be canceled.

How much does this family game cost?

The price of The Spy KIds escape game depends on the number of participants

Price for 2 - 7 people in one room:

2 people = 120 per person

3 people = 110 per person

4 people = 100 per person

5 people = 90 per person

6-7 people = 80 per person

Free entrance
for children under 6 years

for regular duty IDF soldier


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Escape Room : The Spy Kids

Ha-Mefalsim St 6 ,Petah Tikva

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