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Jack the Ripper - a scary escape room combined with immersive theater

Escape Room Plus
With Actor

The year is 1888. London.
Severe panic spreads throughout the city streets following a series of mysterious murders. Due to the cruel nature of the murders, the police dubs the infamous killer - Jack the Ripper. The streets are empty of civilians, the nightlife ceases completely and hundreds of policemen patrol the city streets in search of the killer, but with no leads or success. After the police were unable to respond the Queen of England decided to intervene in the matter and invited you - the best investigators in the world to help the London police arrest the killer and restore peace and security to the city. Think you can really handle it?

Ha-Lapid St 6, Petah Tikva
3-10 people

Have you played in escape rooms before?
Forget everything you have ever known about escape games to date!

Jack the Ripper is not "one more escape room". These are a VIP show for your team that starts from the second you enter the complex and is delivered by our team of talented actors. We call it immersive theater. Customers call it WOW!

Escape Room is proud to present "Jack the Ripper" - an escape room that is also a theater show in which you are the main characters. In a huge area consisting of an entire floor (!!!) London awaits you in the dim lit 80s of the turbulent 19th century. You will take an integral part of a particularly moving, mesmerizing and exciting plot, Interact with the various characters, disconnect from reality and become active partners in the acting out of the story and in the game. Decor in the highest standards in the world, special effects, sound, action, fear, laughter, adrenaline - and real emotions.

What do I need to know info before making a reservation:

  • By default game takes place in Hebrew. English-language play can be arranged only by prior arrangement
  • "Jack the Ripper" is escape room room with a creepy and stressful atmosphere and can be scary for children and sensitive people
  • The game aria is huge. More puzzles, more spaces to explore, more secret passages, more effects, and more action and more time - you will have maximum 75 minutes (and not 60 as in regular escape rooms).
  • From the moment you enter the complex the game will be performed as a private theater performance (for your group only) by our professional actors. You will take an active part in the plot and interact with the different characters to solve puzzles and succeed in the task.
  • The room contains narrow passages and is not suitable for anyone with movement disabilities, claustrophobia, epilepsy and pregnancy.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult

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Ready to meet Jack the Ripper face to face?

Book a game in escape room in 3 simple steps and we will make you feel like the main character in a horror movie

Please, choose the number of players first

At the end of the order process, you will be sent an email with order details. This email does not constitute an order confirmation without the delivery of credit card information. We will be entitled to cancel your order if we are unable to contact you by phone to confirm the game at the number provided when placing an order


In order to reserve the game exclusively for you we will ask for a credit card. We will store the card number within a secure system and use it as a guarantee only. In case of no show or less than 24 hours​ cancellation​ notice, a cancellation fee of 200₪ will be charged for a single room or 400₪ for a double room.


A game you order may contain hidden (and narrow) passages and is not accessible to strollers, wheelchairs and people with mobility disabilities. We will be happy to give detailed telephone information regarding the obstacles in the room


We strongly recommend that you check the correctness of the phone number provided during the order. If any circumstances do not allow the game to take place at the time ordered, we will contact you at this number to update

Curious? Check out the official trailer!

How much does an escape room cost?

It is important to emphasize that this is not an ordinary escape room. The game lasts 75 minutes (and not 60 as in a regular room) and our professional actors will create the unforgettable show together with you during the game. Therefore, the price of the game is a bit more expensive than our regular rooms, but we guarantee - it's worth it!

Price for 3 - 10 people in one room:

3 people = 150 per person

4 people = 140 per person

5 people = 130 per person

6-10 people = 120 per person

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Escape Club members get special discounts and pay less from the first game

50NIS discount during birthday month for Escape Club members

Up to 25NIS discount starting from the second game for Escape Club members

5NIS discount per person for the first game for Escape Club members

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The game is suitable for children over 14 years old

for regular duty IDF soldier


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Jack the Rippe

Ha-Lapid St 6, Petah Tikva

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