Escape Room: Trapped

Last night you and your friends went to the bar to celebrate someone's birthday.
You all drank a lot and... it's the last thing you remember from yesterday evening.
You woke up chained to a chair in a strange place very similar to an operating room. The sharp smell of drugs hit your nose. 
After your eyes got used to the darkness, you could see the streaks of dried blood on the walls ... And at the other end of the room you saw the silhouettes of your friends. They, like you were bound and immobilized. Can you get out of this terrible place before his master returns? Hurry! You will only have 60 minutes to save your life and and lives of your friends!

Hebron Rd 105, Jerusalem 072-399-4961 Click for Number
2-5 people
  • This quest exists only at Escape Room Jerusalem location
  • This escape game is also as a popular the "Trapped" Escape Rome operated in Tel Aviv
  • Groups of 2-5 can partisipate in the game together
  • The difficulty level is medium, but suitable for couples and beginners
  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult
  • The game contains content appropriate for the religious public
  • Customers who follow ​"​​The laws of ​Negiah​"​ requested to inform​ us​ in the "Comments" field when placing an order on the site so that we can arrange the game in a suitable manner
  • This escape game can be performed in English and Hebrew
  • Our Jerusalem Escape Rooms center can hold groups up to 25 people simultaneously. We have special packages for team-building days, wedding days, birthdays, and more. Please call us and we will help you to arrange the perfect event.
  • We have 2 additional escape games in Jerusalem: The Robbery of The Century and Boardwalk Empire 
  • Our escape rooms complex in Jerusalem is keeping the Sabbath

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In order to reserve the game exclusively for you, after placing an order, our representative will contact you to take a credit card information. We will store the information within a secure system and use it as a guarantee only. In case of no show or less than 24 hours​ cancellation​ notice, a cancellation fee of 100₪ will be charged for a single room or 200₪ for a double room.


Do you plan to celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary or any other meaningful event with us? Contact us a few days in advance and let us help you to make it really unforgettable!


We strongly suggest that you check the accuracy of the phone number provided during the reservation. We will reach out to you 48 hours before the game to confirm. In case we fail to contact you 24 hours before the game to validate arrival, your reservation will be canceled.

How much does it cost to be Trapped?

The cost you pay for your escape game depends on the number of players in your team

Price for 2 - 5 people in one room:

2 people = 130 per person

3 people = 120 per person

4 people = 110 per person

5 people = 100 per person

Are you member of escape club?

Escape Club members get special discounts and pay less from the first game

50NIS discount during birthday month for Escape Club members

Up to 25NIS discount starting from the second game for Escape Club members

5NIS discount per person for the first game for Escape Club members

Join escape club for free

Free entrance
for children under 6 years

for regular duty IDF soldier


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Escape Room: Trapped

Hebron Rd 105, Jerusalem

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