Escape Room: Abandoned Museum

There are many terrible stories about a museum located in the heart of Haifa...
The building has been abandoned for years. The lights are off, the doors are locked, but somebody, or something... is in there! The neighbours keep hearing strange noises and seeing flashing lights coming from inside the place after dark, some swear that they saw a shadow passing by the broken windows of the museum.

Whoever dared to enter that place, never came back.
Are you brave enough to solve the mystery of the Abandoned Museum?
Not for the faint of heart!

Sderot HaHistadrut 34, Haifa 073-370-2625 Click for Number
2-10 people
  • Attention: The game "Abandoned Museum" is a scary version of the "Night at the Museum" escape room and is not suited for players who played it before.
  • The "Abandoned Museum" escape game exists in the Haifa location only
  • The room is adapted to a game of 2-10 players in the team
  • The room's difficulty level can be adjusted for both beginners and experienced players
  • Children under the age of 15 must have adult supervision
  • The room is adapted for Hebrew and English speakers
  • The Abandoned Museum is a scary escape room with a creepy and stressful atmosphere and can be scary for sensitive people and children. You can ask to increase or decrease  the level of fear in advance before the start of the game.
  • For children and families there is also a not scary version of this room called "Night at the Museum"
  • Escape Room "The Abandoned Museum" is a technologic room with professional décor, lighting, special effects and sound. You will have to pass a large amount of internal passages and spaces and our talented actors will make you shiver with fear!
  • The game is categorized  as "Action Quest" - a new generation of escape rooms that, unlike the classic rooms, stand out for their evolving game scenario, effects and action.
  • The room is located  close to other attractions and restaurants
  • Planning a wedding day, a marriage proposal, a bachelorette party or a birthday celebration for kids and adults? Talk to us and we will help you organize a special and unusual event for groups of up to 35 people.


Book a tour at the Abandoned Museum in 3 easy steps and come to check the scariest Escape Room in the North!

Please, choose the number of players first

Your reservation will be approved automatically, but you have to check you receive an email from us confirming your reservation for that specific date


In order to reserve the game exclusively for you, after placing an order, our representative will contact you to take a credit card information. We will store the information within a secure system and use it as a guarantee only. In case of no show or less than 24 hours​ cancellation​ notice, a cancellation fee of 100₪ will be charged for a single room or 200₪ for a double room.


Do you plan to celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary or any other meaningful event with us? Contact us a few days in advance and let us help you to make it really unforgettable!


We strongly suggest that you check the accuracy of the phone number provided during the reservation. We will reach out to you 48 hours before the game to confirm. In case we fail to contact you 24 hours before the game to validate arrival, your reservation will be canceled.

Curious? Check out the official trailer!

How much is a ticket to an abandoned museum?

The price of the game depends on the number of people that will play together

Price for 2 - 10 people in one room:

2 people = 140 per person

3 people = 130 per person

4 people = 120 per person

5 people = 110 per person

6-10 people = 100 per person

Are you member of escape club?

Escape Club members get special discounts and pay less from the first game

50NIS discount during birthday month for Escape Club members

Up to 25NIS discount starting from the second game for Escape Club members

5NIS discount per person for the first game for Escape Club members

Join escape club for free

Free entrance
for children under 6 years

for regular duty IDF soldier


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Escape Room: Abandoned Museum (Haifa)

Sderot HaHistadrut 34, Haifa

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