Escape Room Camp 23 (Petah Tikva)

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Welcome to North Korea.
A totalitarian communist dictatorship that threatens the whole world with nuclear weapons and has over 200 thousand political prisoners in several concentration camps across the country.
You are a team of special agents from the US. After rigorous training you were sent to start a coup in N. Korea, bring down the government and free the prisoners, but your mission has failed and you were caught and sent into a detention center for the most dangerous criminals, Camp 23. Little is known about this camp for one simple reason, no one gets out of it alive. But you’re no ordinary prisoners, you’re CIA and you’ve been training for many years for this moment! Now it’s time to prove what you’re truly capable of. Can you escape the worlds’ most secure prison?

Ef'al St 23, Petah Tikva 03-619-3464 Click for Number
2 identical rooms
3-10 people
3-10 people
  • Important: an English-speaking game avalable only by prior arrangement by phone
  • The game length is 75 minutes (not 60 minutes like in most standard escape rooms). That means more riddles, more spaces and passageways, more surprises, special effects, action and adrenaline!
  • On Weekends and Saturday nights the game is limited to a minimum of 4 participants, and it’s impossible to book the game for couples and groups of 3
  • The difficulty level is well balanced and is suited to different age groups. The game is also suitable for first-timers in an escape room and for well-experienced players as well
  • Children under the age of 12 require adult supervision. The game is not recommended for children under the age of 8
  • There is a double room option available: 2 identical escape rooms in the same facility. Teams up to 20 players can split into 2 groups and compete against each other in identical rooms simultaneously
  • The escape room “Camp 23” exists only at the Petah Tikva location. It used to operate under the “Breakout” brand with great success
  • Planning a work event, company get-together, birthday celebration for kids and adults or a bachelor/bachelorette party? Come celebrate with us in a huge 700 square meter facility with 3 escape rooms for big groups for up to 40 people. A beautiful, spacious, well designed lobby with a huge VIP area that can be used before or after the game for any activity you’d like. Soft drinks and hot drinks, refreshments, air hockey and much more by appointment in advance. Talk to us over the phone and we’ll help you plan a memorable special event
  • Catering can be added for before or after the activity with extra cost by ordering in advance
  • Do you have an idea or a special request? Would like to incorporate a gift as part of the riddles in the game? Spread balloons, add branding or decorations? We’re here to make your event unforgettable


Ready for a real adventure?
Try to escape from the world's most secure prison camp!

In 3 steps you could start running from North Korea

Please, choose the number of players first

Your reservation will be approved automatically, but you have to check you receive an email from us confirming your reservation for that specific date


In order to reserve the game exclusively for you, after placing an order, our representative will contact you to take a credit card information. We will store the information within a secure system and use it as a guarantee only. In case of no show or less than 24 hours​ cancellation​ notice, a cancellation fee of 100₪ will be charged for a single room or 200₪ for a double room.


Do you plan to celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary or any other meaningful event with us? Contact us a few days in advance and let us help you to make it really unforgettable!


We strongly suggest that you check the accuracy of the phone number provided during the reservation. We will reach out to you 48 hours before the game to confirm. In case we fail to contact you 24 hours before the game to validate arrival, your reservation will be canceled.

Even in a Communist dictatorship
you need to pay!

So, how much does it cost to flee North Korea?

Price for 3 - 10 people in one room:

3 people = 130 per person

4 people = 125 per person

5 people = 120 per person

6 people = 115 per person

7-10 people = 110 per person

Price for 10 - 20 people in two rooms:

10 people = 120per person

11-12 people = 115per person

13-20 people = 110per person

Are you member of escape club?

Escape Club members get special discounts and pay less from the first game

50NIS discount during birthday month for Escape Club members

Up to 25NIS discount starting from the second game for Escape Club members

5NIS discount per person for the first game for Escape Club members

Join escape club for free

Free entrance
for children under 6 years

for regular duty IDF soldier


By the way,
escape room games - are cool and unusual gift!

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Escape Room Camp 23

Ef'al St 23, Petah Tikva

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