Escape Room Atlantis (Ashkelon)

Over the centuries thousands of researchers, treasure seekers and divers have gone after Atlantis –magical and mysterious city in which, according to ancient story, people lived a life of plenty and prosperity. All of the delegations so far never came back from the exhausting journey. But recently a new evidence was found for the city and its countless riches. It was also found that the city is very close to the south side of Israel. The evidence is clear - the city and its treasures exist! But the problem is, that the city floating on the sea every 127 years and only for 60 minutes. Will you find the city and its treasures on time?

2-8 people

- This specific escape game exists in Escape Room Ashkelon location only
- A group of 2-8 people will be able to play together in the same room
- The difficulty level is easy and suitable even for couples and beginners
- The game can be performed in English and Hebrew (but please inform us if you need the English version during your order)

Start your journey to atlantis

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Two sides have an option to cancel the game any moment due to circumstances beyond our control


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What is the price of Atlantis adventure?

The price of escape room games depends on the number of participants

Price for 2 - 8 people in one room:

2 people = 120 per person

3 people = 110 per person

4 people = 100 per person

5 people = 90 per person

6-8 people = 80 per person

Free entrance
for children under 6 years

for regular duty IDF soldier


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